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Hyphenated-Systems develops and manufactures advanced hybrid microscopy solutions for research and industrial applications in macro/micro, micro and micro/nano technologies. Important markets for Hyphenated Systems’ products include research, development and production of microfluidic devices and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), which require accurate physical characterization and metrology with deep-submicron precision. Hyphenated Systems has pioneered the concept of “hyphenation”—the combination of diverse analytical techniques in a single integrated platform—to provide tailored solutions to unique analytical problems. Hyphenation is a major trend in current development efforts throughout the microscopy and analytical instrumentation community.

Hyphenated Systems’ products combine conventional light microscopy with the company’s patented Advanced Confocal Microscopy™ (ACM). The tools are built with an open architecture so that additional techniques can be added, such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), spectroscopy, or interferometry. By combining these technologies to meet specific imaging, measurement and analysis requirements, Hyphenated Systems provides its customers with the advanced hybrid tools they need to drive innovation in macro, micro- and nanotechnology. As a leading innovator in the burgeoning fields of micro- and nanotechnology, Hyphenated Systems is helping to set the standards for macro-, micro- and nano-scale inspection, metrology, and manufacturing qualification systems.

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