Gyros Protein Technolgoies AB


Gyros AB ("Gyros") is world leader in the miniaturization and integration of laboratory applications through its proprietary microfluidics platform, Gyrolab CD (compact disc) microlaboratory.

Gyros delivers simple to use, precisely controlled solutions for processing hundreds of samples in parallel at nanoliter scale. Scientists are able to use immunoassays with a very broad measuring range to generate more information from less sample and improve productivity and efficiency.

A Gyrolab microlaboratory miniaturizes and integrates the many steps of conventional laboratory processes without the need for mechanical functions such as valves and pumps. Application-specific microlaboratories use a modular design offering the potential to run different applications on a single instrument and to create customized solutions.

The company is currently focused on two market segments: quantitative protein analysis for research, drug discovery and development applications; and, in vitro diagnostics for medical applications.