About TR di Turoni

For over twenty years T.R. Companyhas satisfied the needs of all who are involved in fruit-growing, horticulture and floriculture, by manufacturing analysis, control and measurement instruments which have become well-established in the Italian and foreign markets, thanks to their precision and reliability.

The T.R. Company offers a complete range of instruments helping the customer in all phases of agricultural production:

* Instruments for the analysis of the chemical-physical characteristics of soil and water such as pHmeter (acidity), conductivity-meter (salinity), soil moisture meter, etc;

* Meteorological instruments such as thermometers, hygrometers, electronic frost indicators, anemometers, pluviometers, etc;

* Harvest control instruments such as refractometers for reading the sugar concentration, fruit pressure tester to detect proper picking ripeness and control fruit softening during cold storage, etc.;

* Control instruments for the preservation and transport of goods both in refrigerators and in refrigerating trucks such as high-precision thermometers, hygrometers, psychrometers, thermographs, etc.

Facts about TR di Turoni
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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