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For more than 15 years, D-Star Instruments has been designing and manufacturing HPLC detectors for the OEM and direct-sales markets. These products are shipped around the world and are CE certified.

Absorbance detectors include: UV-Vis, fixed-wavelength, variable-wavelength, and dual-wavelength. Fluorescence detectors are also available. In addition, D-Star manufactures integrated HPLC systems, which are available for isocratic or gradient operation.

Supplementing its HPLC systems, D-Star also manufactures Star-Chrom™ data-acquisition and instrument-control software completes the HPLC line and allows for easy automated operation. Also available is a low priced PC integrating software with features usually found in packages at twice the price. All of D-Star's products are engineered for OEM distribution. D-Star's low cost detectors are ideal for use in other analysers including point of care instrumentation.

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