About Physical Electronics

The Physical Electronics GmbH is an owner run company supporting its customers since 1994. We offer innovative analysis tools from the world's leading companies, analytical services and customer support.

Our Products:

- AES, XPS and TOF-SIMS from Physical Electronics; USA - 3D micro and nano X-Ray CT from RX Solutions; France - Sub-micron IR + Raman from Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp.; USA - Recycling Preparative HPLC and Curie point Pyrolyzer from JAI; Japan - In Situ Nanoindenter from Alemnis; Switzerland - Raman Spectroscopy from Timegate Instruments Oy - In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy from NenoVision s.r.o. - Product Introduction with NanoX-Perience Seminar Series

Our Analytical Services:

- Fast and easy access to our surface science instruments - Support of an analytical expert - Reliable outsourcing of your analytical questions - Education with NanoX-Pert Seminar Series

Our Customer Support:

- Certified engineers - Fast response time - Spare and loaner stock in Munich

Facts about Physical Electronics
  • Founding: 1994
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

Product portfolio of Physical Electronics

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