About CABB

As a fine chemicals company operating worldwide, we support key global industries with our products and technologies. Our strengths include speed, flexibility, quality and - above all - proximity to our customers and markets in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and specialty and performance chemicals industries.

Our expertise is the manufacture and handling of hazardous chemicals. In this area CABB’s 750 staff members worldwide combine years of experience with sound know-how and innovative ideas.

Our advantage is that we concentrate on the core fields of chlorination, sulfonation, and methylation. For this, CABB is backwards integrated into chlorine and sulfur trioxide. On this basis, we offer a broad portfolio of reagents and intermediates as well as custom manufactured products. In addition, we develop tailor-made solutions for and with our customers in which existing products are combined with additional processes and technologies. In this way we ensure that with our sales products we can always provide customers with what they need.

Our goal is to grow in all areas and to hold leading positions in the market. We carefully strengthen our core competencies and build new fields of business. With sustained growth we achieve profit, which we redeploy through investment in innovation. We do so with a focus on our customers, our employees, and the environment.

Facts about CABB
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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