jwConsulting GmbH


jwConsulting was established in 1996 by Dr. Jochen Winkler in Walldorf near Heidelberg, Germany as software consultancy with focus on the process industries. jwConsulting’s tried and proven SAP add-ons are absolutely modification-free and therefore not affected by release changes. The flexible layout enables a fast, customer adapted implementation. The main product for the process industries is jwLIMS, a "SAP LIMS". Integrating all LIMS functionality into the SAP data base accelerates the data flow between laboratory and the production. A unique substance concept, flexible specification and certificate management and multi dimensional usage decisions streamline the work flow company wide. Another business area addressed by jwConsulting is the healthcare sector. A series of modules like jwKlinikapotheke, jwWirtschaftsabteilung, jwEigenherstellung or jwChemotherapie integrate the provision and in-house production of goods and pharmaceuticals into SAP and the MIS.