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TECLIS INSTRUMENTS has been the market leader in innovative instruments for surface and interface physico-chemistry since 1991 (formerly IT CONCEPT).

TECLIS INSTRUMENTS designs, manufactures and markets equipment, and provides analysis to characterize dispersed systems such as foams and emulsions. Foam analyzers and tensiometers are the two product families developed by the company.

The company’s key technology is image analysis, used in all of its instruments. A complete range of measuring instruments is available to study and understand the properties of liquid/liquid, solid/liquid and gas/liquid interfaces.

TECLIS INSTRUMENTS uses innovative engineering to develop powerful instruments and software solutions which are easy to use and provide good value for researchers both in universities and industries.

MAIN OFFERING: ------------------------------------ > Innovative customized instrument solutions to achieve the most advanced results with reliable and fast protocols controlled by automatic processes.

> Instruments: standard equipment for the study of foams, emulsions and bubbles.

> Laboratory: wide range of foam analysis and tensiometry experiments.

FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: -------------------------------------- - Oil & Gas, Petroleum - Bitumen - General chemistry - Personal care - Cosmetics - Pharmacy - Food & Beverages

EXAMPLES OF APPLICATIONS: ------------------------------------------------ >> General: - automatic analysis of 2D & 3D foam sequences - physico-chemical factors controlling the foamability and foam stability of various liquids - study of foam thin liquid films - time-size analysis of bubbles images - surface rheology and foaming properties of aqueous solutions (surfactants, proteins, ...) - impact of surfactant composition and surfactant structure on foam control performance

>> Specific: - heavy oil-water interfacial properties and emulsion stability - Dynamic Interfacial Tension at the Oil/Surfactant-Water Interface - Interaction of Polymer and Surfactant at the Air-Water Interface - interfacial characteristics of food foaming agents in foams formulations - detection and monitoring of oil foams - processing on the surface and foaming properties of β- lactoglobulin - hydrocolloids from coffee physicochemical - physicochemical and functional properties of typical drinks - cross Linking and Rheological Characterization of Adsorbed Protein - study of dilatational rheological properties of polymers at interfaces - effect of added surfactants in enhanced alkaline / heavy oil system - dynamic surface properties of asphaltenes and resins at the oil-air interface - dilatational elasticity moduli of water-crude oil interfaces using the oscillating pendant drop - interfacial tension measurements of bitumen at high temperature using a drop tensiometer

Facts about Teclis
  • Founding: 1991
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 11-50

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drop tensiometer
foam analyzers
texture analyzers

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