HiTec Zang GmbH

Excellence in Lab Scale Technology


HiTec Zang is a leading supplier with a comprehensive product range around the laboratory reactor: turnkey laboratory reactor, parallel reactor and reaction calorimeter systems, components, software and services.

With our automation systems, we are the technology and market leader in laboratory automation. Our goals are improved reproducibility, higher quality of your measurement results while reducing costs and hazards. We always have a suitable solution for you, from individual laboratory tests to prototypes and pilot plants to production lines.   The optimal entry into the digital laboratory offers you the use of our compact LabBox. For more complex requirements, the LabManager is the perfect solution. Together with our automation software, you can measure, visualize and control your experimental setups in no time at all.

For bioprocess optimization, HiTec Zang offers the innovative RAMOS parallel fermenter system with exhaust gas analysis.

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