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Robertson offers expert advices and services to everyone in the construction industry, whether client, architect or contractor, you can contact Robertson to discuss your requirements. Should the architect or contractor be confronted with a problem, Robertson offers comprehensive solutions for every situation. In the construction industry buildings are generally large, complicated and have to be constructed to a very tight schedule. The contractor is central to the whole process. Robertson being a supplier of roof and wall cladding, will help the contractor in every possible way, with expert advice as well as with the selection of materials, specifically designed for his project.

Robertson Nederland B.V. is developing and improving its sales activities and will continue to offer engineering and erection to the high standard of quality with which the company has been associated in the past.

Robertson Trade B.V. acts as a company for steel cladding and related products, will develop and improve as an independent quality platform. The combination of engineering, supply and supervision of erection, unique to Robertson, ensures the tightest quality control, as evidenced by the company's accreditation with ISO 9001, whilst also providing the facilities for continued product development and improvements.

Robertson Restyling B.V. is trading as Robertson Nederland BV but is specialized in upgrading and restyling existing buildings with all digital possibilities as photo and cad software.

During the last 40 years Robertson has grown into a responsible and reliable company, known for the supply and erection of durable steel roof and wall panels.

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  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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Product portfolio

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