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For more than 20 years now bbe Moldaenke GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality products in environmental technology. We develop and produce measuring instruments and software to assess and manage water quality. Our instruments are made for use in oceanography, limnology, drinking water monitoring, river dam monitoring, bathing water analysis, supervision of aqua culture systems and environmental assessment.

The two core areas of our expertise are firstly spectrofluorometers for chlorophyll analysis and, what is essential, the recording of algae classes and secondly real-time early warning systems, so-called toximeters. In this area, bbe Moldaenke is the international market leader.

We are a well-trained and highly motivated team of experts coming from all different professions such as environmental engineering, physics, biology or biochemistry. All members of the team work closely together to profit from each other's experience and expertise and to design the best possible products.

Additionally, the development of new techniques is often supported by co-operation with scientific institutions. Over the years, several research projects have successfully resulted in the development of new products. To keep up-to-date with the scientific community, the results are usually published in the relevant journals or presented at seminars and conferences.

Due to all the different experts who work with bbe, we have excellent troubleshooting capabilities. In addition to technical assistance, we offer profound biological advice and provide a very skilled customer service such as an online remote control and telephone service, but if necessary, we are also able to provide quick assistance on site.

The bbe team is able to focus on the important tasks of development, quality control and service since a lot of the basic work of the manufacturing process has been outsourced.

The whole team is extremely flexible, enabling us to react quickly and reliably to the growing requirements of our customers. We always have an ear for our customers' needs and are grateful for all innovative ideas and proposals that support our work.

Water quality control has become a major interest and our top-quality products enjoy high global demand. With a network of distributors we are able to provide direct services in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Our interest are products designed for the customers' needs and satisfaction!

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  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Process analytics / process measurement technology

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