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XRF Scientific Europe GmbH, Germany

XRF Scientific Limited is an Australian listed company (ASX: XRF) based in Perth, Western Australia. XRF manufactures equipment and chemicals, which are distributed to production mines, construction material companies and commercial analytical laboratories, in Australia and overseas, and used in the more

m&k gmbh, Germany

As an owner-managed family business, we have been offering comprehensive service in the field of precious metals for over 25 years. From the new production of precious metals containing products over the repair up to the recycling of unusable old goods we stand with you with specialized knowledge an more

chemPUR Feinchemikalien und Forschungsbedarf GmbH, Germany

ChemPur delivers more than 3,500 metals and compounds, inorganic specialty chemicals, nano powder, as well as more than 100,000 organic intermediates. Our range of products include precious metal compounds and rare earth compounds, precious metal semi-finished products, sputtering targets from meta more

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Labware made of precious metals

XRF Platinum Labware is the reference brand for labware, for XRF sample preparation or all other analytic methods. more

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  • More than meets the eye: New blue light nanocrystals

    Berkeley Lab researchers have produced non-toxic magnesium oxide nanocrystals that efficiently emit blue light and could also play a role in long-term storage of carbon dioxide, a potential means of tempering the effects of global warming. In its bulk form, magnesium oxide is a cheap, white mineral more

  • WACKER SCHOTT Solar expands silicon-crystal production capacity in Jena

    WACKER SCHOTT Solar GmbH, a joint venture between Wacker Chemie AG and SCHOTT Solar AG, officially commissioned a new factory building in Jena. The building will be used to produce solar-grade silicon crystals. The new building, which will be fitted with the necessary production equipment in stages, more

  • Technological breakthrough made it possible to use platinum in industry

    By the 19th century, platinum was a prized metal for jewelry manufacture. But it has a very high melting point and could not be processed on an industrial scale because the only available method of working it was a complex white-heat process. In 1856, a technological breakthrough developed by the Ha more

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  • Helpers of all sizes for analysts

    Geologists analyze soil samples, the oil industry studies crude oil, and the steel industry wants to know the composition of slag. These are completely different fields, but all begin the analysis process with a high-temperature fusion treatment of t more

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Hessian crucibles

Hessian crucibles From the time of the middle ages, alchemists used medians that could withstand strong regeants and high temperatures as their mixing vessels, otherwise known as crucibles. The Hesse region of Germany was world famous at produci ... more


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