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IPC Process-Center GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

IPC Process-Center is your partner for contract manufacturing of innovative granules and pellets. Our experienced staff produce your products on time and in reliable, consistent quality. Your satisfaction is our core mission. We offer flexible production planning and will always consider new ways of more

Molekula GmbH, Germany

Molekula is a leading chemical supplier offering research chemicals and biochemicals sourced from production sites across the globe. Our clients ranging from university labs to big industrial players. With offices in the UK, USA, China, Germany and Italy, our global insight into the market keeps us more

Clariant SE, Germany

Clariant is a global leader in the field of specialty chemicals. Strong business relationships, commitment to outstanding service and wide-ranging application know-how make Clariant a preferred partner for its customers. Clariant, which is represented on five continents with over 100 group companies more

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Alkaline detergent for the automated cleaning of laboratory glassware - liquid concentrate

Universal application ✓ High cleaning performance ✓ High dirt carrying capacity ✓ more

Acidic neutralising agent and detergent based on organic acids

Reliably removes acid-soluble residues during pre-cleaning ✓ Excellent material compatibility ✓ Neutralises alkaline residues from the main cleaning step during automated reprocessing more

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Alkaline detergent for the automated cleaning of laboratory glassware - liquid concentrate

neodisher LaboClean FLA is an universal alkaline detergent for the automated cleaning of laboratory glassware in medical, biological, microbiological and chemical laboratories, water laboratories as well as laboratories in the phosphate, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, mineral oil industry and othe more

Acidic neutralising agent and detergent based on organic acids

neodisher Z is an acidic neutralising agent and detergent for the automated reprocessing of instruments and laboratory glassware. Free of phosphates, phosphoric acid, nitrogen compounds and surfactants, therefore no disturbing influence on analytical test methods. more

Multiresponsive nanosurfactant integrates functions of molecular surfactants

(0:00) Droplets coated with nanosurfactants are hit with a laser which clumps the droplets into a two-dimensional hexagonal structure and rotates them much like gears. (0:17) Droplets are randomly distributed and then a laser is turned on which attracts them together into a bilayer aggregate. Up ... more

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The Chemistry of Stain Removal

Stains on clothes can be a pain to shift – luckily chemistry is on hand to help out! A range of different molecules are present in stain removers and detergents to help shift grease and dirt, and they can work in different ways. This graphic takes a look at how we can categorise different types of s more

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  • Where theory and practice come together

    The question should not be why is the pharmaceutical industry beginning to engage in continuous manufacturing (CM), but rather “what took so long?” Essentially every other industry has been producing materials continuously for decades. Henry Ford began using the assembly line on December 1st, 1913, so why not drug products? Well, drugs aren’t cars, they are made of chemicals. more



Detergent s are just one of many possible uses for detergents Detergent is a compound , or a mixture of compounds, intended to assist cleaning . The term is often used to differentiate between soap and other chemical surfactant s used for clean ... more


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