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Supercolori S.p.A., Italy


Trüb Emulsions Chemie AG, Switzerland

Even our very latest emulsions contain more than 25 years’ experience Our love of innovation produces benefits from which you can profit today. At Trüb Emulsions Chemie you have access to a comprehensive depth of experience in products and development in the various different areas of the industry. more

H. Möller GmbH & Co., Germany

With over 90 years’ experience in the chemical distribution industry Möller Chemie is a market leader in the supply of chemicals and foodstuff additives. more

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YSTRAL Conti-TDS: The No. 1 in Powder Wetting

The combination of different process steps in one machine = great potential for rationalisation ✓ Aspirating and dispersing of powders directly from silo (via buffer hopper), big bag, hopper etc ✓ Agglomerate-free and reproducible production of the product ✓ more

Dispersion stability analysis – easy and efficient

Fast, sensitive, and non-destructive optical stability and aging analysis ✓ Parallel measurement in up to six independent ScanTowers with individual experimental conditions ✓ Analysis in original concentrations and under the real storage conditions (-10 °C to 80 °C) ✓ more

Mixing and Degassing in one step with vacuum support

Reproducible - the mixing process is program-controlled and eliminates errors ✓ Swift - typical cycle times of 5 minutes or less ✓ Durable - mechanical gears for maximum durability and low wearout ✓ more

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Taylor Dispersion

Taylor Dispersion Taylor Dispersion an effect in fluid mechanics in which a shear flow can increase the effective diffusivity of a species. Essentially, the shear acts to smear out the concentration distribution in the direction of the flow, e ... more


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