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DuPont Performance Elastomers S.A., Switzerland

Building on the success of DuPont Dow Elastomers, we are the leading global supplier of specialty elastomers and supporting technologies. Building on more than 70 years of elastomers industry experience, DuPont Performance Elastomers provides innovative solutions to help our customers stay ahead of more

New-York Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie AG, Germany

NYH AG focuses its business on materials and processes. Its core fields of expertise are selecting, developing and processing elastomers and thermoplastics as well as their hybrid solutions. Our products are used all over the world and in multiple sectors including aviation, machine construction, m more

Dyneon GmbH, Germany

Dyneon is a worldwide leader in production, development and sales of fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics, PTFE and specialty additives, that are sold under the 3M™ Dyneon™ and 3M™ Dynamar™ brand. Because of our products’ outstanding properties like temperature and chemical resistance, security an more

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  • A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light

    The development of stimuli-responsive polymers has brought about a wealth of material-related opportunities for next-generation small-scale, wirelessly controlled soft-bodied robots. For some time now, engineers have known how to use these materials to make small robots that can walk, swim and jump. more

  • Elastic polymer that is both stiff and tough, resolves long-standing quandary

    Polymer science has made possible rubber tires, Teflon and Kevlar, plastic water bottles, nylon jackets among many other ubiquitous features of daily life. Elastic polymers, known as elastomers, can be stretched and released repeatedly and are used in applications such as gloves and heart valves, wh more

  • Let's do the twist

    The twisting and bending capabilities of the human muscle system enable a varied and dynamic range of motion, from walking and running to reaching and grasping. Replicating something as seemingly simple as waving a hand in a robot, however, requires a complex series of motors, pumps, actuators and a more

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Elastomer An elastomer is a polymer with the property of elasticity . The term, which is derived from elastic polymer, is often used interchangeably with the term rubber , and is preferred when referring to vulcanisates . Each of the monomer s ... more


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