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Gaskatel GmbH, Germany

Gaskatel GmbH founded 1997 in Kassel by Prof. Dr. A. Winsel, Dr. H.-J. Kohnke and Joachim Helmke is an R&D company. The subject is electrochemistry with the main topic corrosion tests, fuel cells, batteries and electrolysers. more

Enapter GmbH, Germany

Enapter’s core technology is an Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyser. This electrolyser technology provides safe and flexible on-site production of hydrogen gas with the highest efficiency. Our electrolyser stack does not contain any noble metals, allowing it to be the most cost-effective solu more

Versogen, USA

Mission: Versogen decarbonizes the energy, chemical, and manufacturing sectors with our breakthrough AEM electrolyzers that produce green hydrogen at scale—efficiently, reliably, and affordably. Vision: Versogen will become the global leader in leveraging the sustainability and versatility of hydrog more

News Electrolysis

  • Cubes outperform spheres as catalyst particles

    To date, nanoparticles as catalysts for green hydrogen have been like rowers in an eight: researchers could only measure their average performance, but couldn’t determine which one was the best. This has now changed following the development of a new method by the group led by Professor Kristina Tsc more

  • Producing fertiliser without carbon emissions

    Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Carnegie Institution for Science have shown how nitrogen fertiliser could be produced more sustainably. This is necessary not only to protect the climate, but also to reduce dependence on imported natural gas and to increase food security. Intensive agriculture is p more

  • Rice lab advances water-splitting catalysts

    Creating a hydrogen economy is no small task, but Rice University engineers have discovered a method that could make oxygen evolution catalysis in acids, one of the most challenging topics in water electrolysis for producing clean hydrogen fuels, more economical and practical. The lab of chemical an more

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Infographics Electrolysis

The Metal Reactivity Series

The metal reactivity series is a commonly taught concept in chemistry, placing the metals, as its name suggests, in order of reactivity from most reactive to least reactive. It’s also a useful tool in predicting the products of simple displacement reactions involving two different metals, as well as more

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Electrolysis :This article is about the chemical process. For the cosmetic hair removal procedure, see Electrology . In chemistry and manufacturing, electrolysis is a method of separating chemically bonded element s and compound s by passing a ... more


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