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Sigma-Aldrich Corporation NASDAQ: SIAL, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a supplier of reagents and materials for use in research and development, diagnostics and analysis. They have facilities in 35 countries and manufacture many of the chemicals they sell.


Product lines

Sigma-Aldrich has a variety of product lines, each offered under separate branding.

  • Life science
  • Biochemicals
  • Chemistry
  • Analytical / Chromatography
  • Research essentials (Solvents, Buffers, Acids/Bases, General Reagents)
  • Equipment, books & supplies
  • Large scale chemicals & contract manufacturing



  Aldrich is a supplier in the research and fine chemicals market. Aldrich provides materials for drug discovery, materials science and chemical synthesis. Aldrich is well known among research chemists for having a wide selection of products. Their trademark "Sure-Seal" bottle, which incorporates a PTFE-lined septum inside a crown cap, allows the contents to be easily dispensed under an atmosphere of inert gas. Also, the Aldrich "Atmos Bag", is a sealable glove bag which enables the user to handle materials that are air and moisture sensitive in an inert atmosphere, such as nitrogen. Aldrich's chemicals catalog, the "Aldrich Catalog and Handbook" is often used as a handbook due to the inclusion of structures, physical data, and literature references. Many students use it as a reference book, especially undergraduates, as it is offered free by request.


  Sigma is the Sigma-Aldrich's main biochemical supplier, with offerings including antibiotics, buffers, carbohydrates, enzymes, forensic tools, hematology and histology, nucleotides, proteins, peptides, amino acids and their derivatives.

Sigma RBI

  Sigma RBI produces specialized products for use in the field of cell signaling and neuroscience. Their offerings range from standard biochemical reagents to the latest cutting–edge research tools, including new ligands for receptors and ion channels, novel enzyme inhibitors, phosphospecific antibodies, key signal transduction enzymes, and assay kits for cell signaling.


  ISOTEC provides isotopically labeled products for protein structure determination, peptide synthesis, proteomics, metabolic research, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance, breath test substrates, agriculture, as well as gas and gas mixes.

Fluka Riedel-de Haën

  Fluka Riedel-de Haën works in the field of analytical chemistry, biochemistry and organic chemistry.


  Supelco is the analytical and chromotography products branch of Sigma-Aldrich. It provides analytical standards and reagents, vials and syringes, biocides, and sample preparation/purification products.

Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals

  Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals (SAFC) is the extremely-fine chemical supply branch of Sigma-Aldrich.

Sigma Genosys

Sigma Genosys provides products such as custom DNA/RNA oligos; custom DNA probes; siRNA; custom peptides and custom antisera.

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