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  • Breakthrough in making nanocrystals function together electronically

    A new study of an international team of chemists introduces a breakthrough in making nanocrystals function together electronically. Published March 25 in the journal “Science”, the research may open the doors to future devices, such as next-generation displays or solar cells. Nanocrystals are some o more

  • Binary mesocrystals from the nanobuilding kit

    Research team led by Constance produces three-dimensional mesocrystals from two different types of nanocrystals - platinum and magnetite - for the first time. This lays the foundation for the synthesis of novel nanostructured solids with previously unexplored properties. Mesocrystals are a class of more

  • A promising breakthrough: Nanocrystals made of amalgam

    Researchers at ETH have managed to produce nanocrystals made of two different metals using an amalgamation process whereby a liquid metal penetrates a solid one. This new and surprisingly intuitive technique makes it possible to produce a vast array of intermetallic nanocrystals with tailored proper more

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Nanocrystal A nanocrystal is a crystal line material with dimensions measured in nanometers ; a nanoparticle with a structure that is mostly crystal line. These materials are of huge technological interest since many of their electrical and t ... more


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