30-Apr-2002 - Ashland, Inc.

Ashland and Xsilogy Collaborate to Develop Foundry Process Monitoring Software

Dublin, Ohio (USA) – The Foundry Products Division of Ashland Specialty Chemical Company, a division of Ashland Inc. , has reached agreement with Xsilogy, Inc. to collaborate in developing and marketing software applications for real-time, wireless, Web-based monitoring of foundry processing equipment. The solutions that Ashland will bring to the marketplace will integrate versatility and efficiency gains into foundry processes to reduce costs, increase production yields, and achieve environmental compliance as well as other benefits. Xsilogy is a leader in providing global wireless Internet networks for remote monitoring of industrial processes. Ashland’s expertise in foundry process engineering will be combined with Xsilogy’s technology to provide new solutions and services for foundries to continuously monitor and optimize their processes.

“Our affiliation with Xsilogy fits with Ashland’s strategy to strengthen our high-technology applications and technical services to foundries, particularly in cold-box processes,” said Mike Swartzlander, vice president and general manager, Foundry Products Division, Ashland Specialty Chemical Company. “This again demonstrates our leadership position in the market, and the value of Ashland’s intellectual property and expertise in mission- critical applications.”

The companies are currently completing their initial product introduction, which will focus on continuous monitoring of cold-box scrubber systems. This turnkey solution will include monitoring, analysis, reporting, and alerting using integrated industrial sensors, wireless transmitters, secure TCP/IP Internet networks and data center applications. The system provides for collection of sensor data from local and remote processes. Data center applications process the real-time data, generating real-time reports that are accessible by any authorized user via the worldwide Web, or exportable to other data warehouses for additional integration and analysis.

Foundries will benefit from Ashland’s new and expanded package of technology solutions with efficiency gains through improved process optimization, reduced downtime by avoiding surprise process or inventory conditions, reduced scrap, possible redeployment of labor, streamlined logistics, proof of compliance with government environmental regulations, tighter statistical process control requirements, and avoided costly process-upset conditions.

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