Dow Introduces New Monomer for UV Cure Resin Applications

ERL-4140 monomer enables development of unique products with cycloaliphatic epoxide functionality

Indianapolis, IN – April 29, 2002 — The Dow Chemical Company today introduced ERL-4140 cycloaliphatic epoxide monomer for use in developing new UV cure resins. This monomer contains an ester capable of alcoholysis or Transesterification reactions with a variety of alcohols and polyols. These reactions allow formulators to develop a wide range of specialty resins. "ERL-4140 monomer opens the door for formulators looking for new products with cycloaliphatic epoxide functionality in a tailored resin," says Victor Bull, global market manager for cycloaliphatic epoxides at Dow. Formulators can use ERL-4140 cycloaliphatic epoxide monomer to prepare many different cycloaliphatic epoxide materials for use in a variety of end-use applications, including thermal- and UV-cured coatings, composites, electrical insulators, electronic encapsulation, adhesives, acid scavengers and chemical intermediates. Dow entered the UV cure market last year, when the company acquired CYRACURE™ cycloaliphatic epoxide resins as part of its merger with Union Carbide Corporation. CYRACURE resins are used in high-performance cationic UV cure applications that require outstanding processing and performance attributes, such as inks, coatings and adhesives. Performance advantages of UV cure formulations made with CYRACURE cycloaliphatic epoxides include good chemical resistance, excellent gloss, good color stability and good weathering characteristics. Processing advantages include fast cure response, broad formulating latitude and the minimization of the use of volatile organic compounds. ERL-4140 cycloaliphatic monomer complements Dow's line of CYRACURE cycloaliphatic epoxides by giving product formulators a way to incorporate cycloaliphatic epoxide functionality into their own, unique products.

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