11-Aug-2009 - Devgen NV

Devgen nv and Dogal A.S. receive regulatory approval for Devgen's nematicide product in Turkey

Devgen nv and Dogal A.S. announced the approval by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey to sell its nematicide product in Turkey for use on tomato and cucumber grown under protective cover. Devgen nv and Dogal A.S. are immediately starting the commercial launch of Devguard® through a nationwide advertising, sales and marketing campaign, targeting sales in the August season.

With a production under protective cover of more than 2 million tons of tomatoes and close to 1 million ton of cucumbers, Turkey is an important worldwide player for the production of these high value crops with substantial exports into EU countries, according to the companies. Nematodes cause important yield losses to these crops.

"Devgen, together with the leading crop protection company Dogal, is pleased to provide the vegetable farmer with a new solution to control nematodes in an environment where his nematode control options become increasingly limited." says Devgen's CEO, Thierry Bogaert. "After this pioneering research and product launch in Turkey we are now working hard to bring this product also to the vegetable growers in other Mediterranean countries."

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