Solutia Launches Additives Website to Help Coatings Formulators Solve Product Problems


St. Louis, MO May 27, 2002 - Building on the successful launch in North America of one of the industry's most comprehensive lines of additive and specialty products, Solutia Inc. today announced the introduction of a new website ( designed to help coatings customers in North America solve a broad range of product formulation problems. The new Solutia Additives website gives customers and other visitors around-the-clock access to product information, along with a number of helpful customer service tools and features.

"This new website makes it quick and easy for paint formulators and technologists to obtain detailed information about the high performance products in our additives portfolio," said Frank Jakse, Marketing Specialist in Solutia's Resins and Additives business unit. "The launch of our new website means that Solutia's expertise is always at your fingertips - ready to help you solve problems with hundreds of ready-to- go and starter formulations."

The new Additives website also offers a unique "Problem Solver" feature, allowing customers to find solutions for specific formulation problems. Website users can search for information by 1) the application benefit required, 2) coating system or 3) resin chemistry. This Problem Solver feature is supported by an extensive database - offering information about more than 40 application benefits, 20 different resin chemistries and four different types of coatings systems. When customers find the additive products they're interested in, they can also use the website to request literature and samples of the products - or contact the company's authorized distributors in North America - with just a few clicks.

Also included on the site are dozens of product data sheets, and extensive information about the science of additives. In addition, the site provides an "Ask the Expert" feature, which allows customers to search Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Solutia's staff scientists via e-mail.

Solutia's additive product line includes hundreds of distinct products, marketed under brand names such as Additol, Modaflow, Butvar, Santosol and Santotac. Along with additive technologies, the Resins and Additives business unit of Solutia manufactures and markets a broad range of liquid coatings resins, powder coatings resins, pressure sensitive adhesives and other products at plants worldwide. Paints and other high performance coatings made from Solutia's resins provide a beautiful, durable finish on a wide range of products, including automobiles, household appliances, bicycles, metal furniture, machines, metal window frames, and many other applications.

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