03-Dec-2009 - Solvay SA

Solvay inaugurates production unit in Korea for a new additive for Lithium ion batteries

Solvay inaugurates production unit in Korea for a new additive for Lithium ion batteries

Solvay announced that its Korean subsidiary Solvay Fluor Korea has inaugurated its new Monofluoroethylene Carbonate (F1EC) production plant at its industrial site in Onsan, South Korea. F1EC is an electrolyte additive for Lithium-ion batteries, which improves safety, calendar life, and capacity of the batteries. The new plant will serve the growing demand for products used in Li-ion batteries in the Far East.

Adding F1EC to the electrolyte in rechargeable Li-ion batteries improves the cycle life and the amount of energy that can be stored into the batteries. Li-ion batteries are commonly used in mobile phones, computers or electric tools. By improving the capacity of the batteries their weight can be reduced.

Several car manufacturers are also developing Li-ion batteries to power hybrid or electrical cars as these batteries are considerable lighter than the currently used car batteries. Battery weight reduction leads to lighter cars, consuming less energy.

“By developing new innovative additives for Li-ion batteries, Solvay demonstrates its know how and commitment to endorse battery and car manufacturers in their efforts to develop better performing hybrid and electrical cars” says Bernd Wilkes, General Manager of Solvay’s Strategic Business Unit Fluor. “The construction of the F1EC also fits perfectly with our strategy of sustainable development in new energy platforms and in growth markets”.

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