Multi-purpose detergent and complexing agent from Ciba Specialty Chemicals


Ciba® INVATEX® MD is a new-generation, phosphorus-free cracking agent comprising a combination of high-performance surfactants and complexing/dispersing components. INVATEX MD is suitable for cracking foreign substances and impurities on cellulosic fibers and their blends with synthetics. A good wetting action in alkaline, neutral and acid media, stability to oxidizing agents and compatibility with enzymes (amylases) make INVATEX MD suitable for a wide variety of continuous and semi-continuous pretreatment applications. These include enzymatic and Oxidation desizing, acid and alkaline cracking, pad-batch cold peroxide bleaching, pad-steam peroxide bleaching and Mega Bleaching. Environmentally compatible INVATEX MD is a low-foaming, low-viscosity liquid suitable for automatic dosing systems. R&D to foster innovation across the Company.

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