15-Feb-2019 - Plasmion GmbH

Plasmion’s sensor technology convinces investors

Plasmion has successfully completed an investment round with strong consortium. In addition to the VC partners Bayrische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (BayBG) and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), an experienced business angel from the BayStartUP network is also on board. With SICRIT®, Plasmion has developed a novel ionisation technology for mass spectrometry that not only simplifies and improves existing chemical analysis in laboratories, but has industrial applications as a highly sensitive “electronic nose” or online sensor (e.g. for explosives detection).

The Augsburg-based start-up has secured almost one million euros for the further development and marketing of its ionisation technology. The new capital will be used primarily to further expand the area of industrial sensor solutions, but also to strengthen international sales and development in the field of laboratory analysis.

A high-tech leap; innovation Made in Germany

“With the SICRIT technology Plasmion has succeeded in making a real leap forward in innovation. SICRIT enables completely new applications in the fields of chemical analysis, industrial quality control and process control that were previously technically impossible,” says BayBG investment manager Dr. Peter Graf, explaining the commitment of Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft and the other investors.

Dr. Marie Asano, Investment Manager at HTGF adds: “The SICRIT Technology is extremely promising as it offers an innovative, flexible ionization solution in the field of mass spectrometry, which will allow the establishment of a new, standard ionization technique as well as the development of a novel sensor technology for industrial applications.”

Dr. Jan-Christoph Wolf, CEO of Plasmion, is convinced: “Together with our experienced partners, we now want and are able to leverage the full potential behind our technology to enter the industrial market”.

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