chembid Expands Activities in the Indian Chemicals Market

29-Nov-2019 - India

The Indian market is becoming more and more important due to its rapid growth, especially in the chemical sector. The chemical platform chembid sees enormous potential in the further digitalization of the Indian chemicals business. In the future, the company plans to significantly expand its digital services in India through the building of its partner network and cooperations.

chembid plans to expand its activities in India in 2020. The production, demand and consumption of chemicals have increased significantly in recent years. Over the past ten years, India has almost tripled the market volume of its domestic chemical industry.

In order to take this development into account, the Internet and Big Data company chembid is expanding its activities in India. The aim is to significantly expand the partner network on the subcontinent through Indian platforms and shops as well as additional services such as industry-relevant service providers. In addition, chembid wants to tailor its services more specifically to the Indian market and expand its own product portfolio with new platform partners. Currently, about 30 percent of users – primarily chemical purchasers – access the search engine from India.

„Our Indian users and marketplace partners make a significant contribution to the success of the chembid platform,“ says Christian Bürger, Managing Director of chembid. „In order to continue offering our local stakeholders a high level of benefit and good service, we want to expand the availability of Indian chemicals and plastics offerings significantly and make them easier to access. In this way, we are driving the growth of the digital chemicals business in India forward in a decisive way.“

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