17-Aug-2021 - ELDICO Scientific AG

A cutting-edge tool to push innovations in nanotechnology

Swiss start-up has now launched the world’s first dedicated electron diffractometer

With ELDICO ED-1, the world’s first dedicated electron diffractometer just launched by ELDICO Scientific, crystallographic experiments on nano-crystalline samples become easy. The electron diffraction company, a Swiss technology and solution provider, will be presenting its new system to a broader public at the IUCr XXV, the 25th world congress of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) on August 14, 2021, in Prague (CZ). Electron diffraction is a powerful analytical technique that will prove to be vital for innovations in many industries. The fields of application range from academic crystallography to large and fast-growing industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, battery research and advanced materials, such as MOFs.

ELDICO’s ED-1 is a instrument that combines an electron beam of radically simplified design with a goniometer, precise down to the sub-micrometer level. Building on proven approaches from X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy, the new tool combines the best of these worlds, enabling diffraction experiments at the nano-scale in an easy-to-install, user-friendly device. Equipped with this instrument, any lab will be able to perform routine crystallographic analysis on samples that have so far been considered prohibitive.

“ELDICO’s ED-1 is a class of its own. It will enable crystallographers to enter the sub-µm regime for single-crystal structure analysis of nanocrystalline particles with the accuracy and the ease-of-use known from X-ray crystallography. The crystallization attempts to grow samples that are large enough are finally a thing of the past”, says Eric Hovestreydt, founder and CEO of ELDICO Scientific. As the only “dedicated” electron diffractometer in a revolutionary horizontal concept, the device is specifically developed for diffraction experiments.

The device is a smart combination of a five-axis, 360° rotation, submicrometer-precise goniometer and a 160 keV electron beam with specifically designed optics. ELDICO’s ED-1 has Dectris inside: the powerful QUADRO is the most proven detector that is well suited for electrons. The cryo function, available as an option, provides cooling by conduction to support near liquid nitrogen temperatures. “We have tailored our system to strictly adhere to the most essential specifications – this is why we can claim ELDICO ED-1 is made ‘by crystallographers, for crystallographers’”, says Eric Hovestreydt.

With its superior features, according to the company, the device outperforms any other method used for nano-sized samples. The diffractometer is designed to measure samples in the range from 10 to 1,000 nm and is targeted to provide resolution of up to 0.84 Å with at least 60-70% complete datasets having an Rint<20%. This data typically allows for structure solution and refinement down to R1 values of 10% in 75% of cases, with unit cell determination as accurate as 1:1,000.

ELDICO ED-1 is dedicated solely to electron diffraction and is ideally suited for various applications such as:

  • atomic structure determination 

  • absolute configuration determination 

  • polymorph, salts and co-crystal screening 

  • detection of micro-crystallinity on amorphous solid dispersions 

  • proton or lithium cation identification in channels 

  • exact knowledge of the metal coordination sphere in high-tech materials such as MOFs

“The ELDICO ED-1 provides tremendous benefits for those working with sample sizes at the sub-micron level. To cover the vital needs of our clients in academia and various industries, we have set up a strong product and service portfolio”, says Eric Hovestreydt in his function as ELDICO’s Commercial Director.

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