Heraeus Accelerator Program 2021 starts with five start-ups

Startups from Germany and Spain selected

16-Sep-2021 - Germany

Heraeus, a leading technology group, is launching its 2021 Accelerator Program with five selected start-ups: OrelTech, Fusion Bionic, Highline Technology, Intelligent Fluids from Germany and NANOGAP from Spain. The focus of the 2021 program is on start-ups developing solutions and products for the semiconductor and precious metals industries.


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Twenty finalists from 12 countries presented their ideas during a digital pitch day. The five participating start-ups were then selected by a Heraeus jury.

The five start-ups at a glance

OrelTech: Conductive inks - OrelTech from Berlin develops easy-to-apply, nanoparticle-free inks made of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. The inks can be quickly turned into pure metal in a fast and environmentally friendly process. The resulting metallic layers are extremely thin, flexible, and pure showing high conductivity. As part of the Accelerator, Heraeus is working with the start-up to test the use of inks in the production of coatings.

Fusion Bionic: Biomimetic surfaces by laser - The start-up Fusion Bionic from Dresden develops and distributes systems for producing biomimetic surfaces using a unique high-speed laser technology. The solutions offered are up to 100 times faster than established processes, paving the way for high-performance surfaces with self-cleaning properties, reduced friction, improved contacting and more. In the Accelerator Program, Heraeus and Fusion Bionic are planning joint projects for surface functionalization of precious metal parts.

Highline Technology: Precise dosing - The company HighLineTechnology from Freiburg im Breisgau develops precise and contactless dispensing systems. The customer-specific parallelization of the dispensing technology enables particularly high throughputs in production. Together with the start-up, Heraeus wants to work on dispensing small dots for solder pastes.

Intelligent Fluids: Environmentally friendly cleaning fluids - Intelligent Fluids from Leipzig provides a sustainable and efficient solution for industrial cleaning. The start-up's environmentally friendly cleaning fluids replace toxic chemicals and harmful solvents. Through this cooperation, Heraeus is aiming at new approaches in the production process for metal-ceramic substrates.

NANOGAP: Nanotechnology for catalysts - The Spanish company NANOGAP is working on nanotechnology with novel catalytic properties. The unique material can catalyze reactions that conventional catalysts cannot perform - for example, the oxidative desulfurization of oil or photocatalytic water splitting with visible light. Heraeus will work with the start-up to investigate whether this technology can be used to develop lower-cost catalysts.

About the Heraeus Accelerator

The Heraeus Accelerator was launched in 2019 and offers start-ups the opportunity to further develop and market their ideas and products with Heraeus. For this purpose, the start-ups have access to research laboratories, test equipment and the extensive customer and partner network of Heraeus. The goal of the Heraeus Accelerator is to build long-term collaborations with the participating start-ups. At the same time, the program offers support for challenges outside of the cooperation project. The Accelerator will take place for the third time in 2021.

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