ALTANA acquires stake in technology startup SARALON

Innovation partnership in the growth market of printed electronics

21-Dec-2022 - Germany

The specialty chemicals group Altana has acquired a stake in the tech startup SARALON. The young company specializes in the development of inks for printing electronics. In addition, it offers prefabricated electronic components that enable printers to quickly build capacities for printing electronics. The parties have agreed not to disclose the investment sum.

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SARALON was founded in Chemnitz, Germany, in 2015. Since the seed phase, the TGFS Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen has been supporting the company as a venture capital investor. The startup has continued to expand its portfolio of innovative solutions for printed electronics. “With its conductive inks and electronic components, SARALON has developed innovative and sustainable solutions that are already in use today. With its years of market experience, ELANTAS supports SARALON in the further development of its products and their introduction to the printed electronics market across the board,” says Dr. Gerd Krämer, Chief Technology Officer at ELANTAS.

SARALON’s functional inks can already be used to print batteries, for example. The products are also utilized in the logistics industry. Printed electronic sensors in packaging measure humidity, temperature, and pressure, among other things. This enables efficient and sustainable monitoring of cold chains, for instance. 

“With ALTANA, we are gaining a strong and innovative partner for our business model who will help us fully tap the growth potential of our products,” says Dr. Moazzam Ali, CEO and cofounder of SARALON.

A recent study commissioned by the German Chemical Industry Association shows that a lack of funding inhibits chemical startups. By investing in SARALON as part of its corporate venturing strategy, ALTANA is bucking the trend and promoting technology-driven startups that have high growth potential.

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