08-Jul-2010 - A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH

A. Krüss Optronic opens office in Taiwan

At the CIA Singapore, Krüss Optronic announced the opening of its Asian headquarter in Taiwan. "Krüss Asia" will serve the South East Asian market, with Mr. Edward Yeh as managing director. Mr. Yeh has very long experience in the laboratory market and knows the region like his waste-pocket. Thanks to this knowledge, combined with very experienced and motivated staff, Krüss Asia will be able to support and promote national distributors in the region. Krüss Asia won’t sell to end users directly - its purpose is to make it easier and faster for distributors to place their orders. Krüss Asia also provides training, service and technical support. All distributors in South East Asia can now turn to a Krüss office where their language is spoken. Specific knowledge about the local markets, regulations and demands will help local distributors to provide good service to their customers. Production and distribution of Krüss’ laboratory devices will remain in Germany.

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