NBR production on the move

20 million euro investment complete


Leverkusen - The investment of 20 million euros in the expansion of rubber production at the La Wantzenau site in France, which Bayer AG announced in 1999, is now complete. This project has involved the modernization of production facilities for emulsion rubber such as the NBR grades Perbunan® and Krynac® (acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber), and a simultaneous increase in capacity from 120,000 to 185,000 metric tons.

The capacity and technology of these highly modern facilities have made possible the move to La Wantzenau of these rubber grades, which were previously produced in Leverkusen. Consistency of quality and long-term reliability of delivery have been safeguarded. With its central position and flexibility, the site has now become the European center for these product families.

This pooling of production capabilities should improve the competitive situation in the long term. The transfer was completed in mid July 2002 with the closure of the Leverkusen facility. 85 staff in Leverkusen are affected by the restructuring measures but they will be offered alternative employment. Bayer does not intend to make anyone redundant as a result of these changes.

NBR, with its excellent oil resistance and balanced physical properties, is used in a large number of technical rubber goods such as hoses, rolls and seals. These products have been on the market for over 50 years and are being constantly improved through continuous research.

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