01-Nov-2010 - CAMAG Chemieerzeugnisse & Adsorptionstechnik AG

CBS 105, CAMAG Bibliography Service

The autumn issue of CBS is now available and as always, it’s free of charge.
Each issue of CBS focuses on recent examples of planar chromatography in practice. Articles are topical and they come from a great variety of fields of interest.

In this issue:

  • One article comes from the field of organic synthesis. Rapid and reliable structure elucidation of reaction products is performed by hyphenation of TLC/HPTLC-MS.
  • Another contribution comes from the field of food analysis, describing the determination of alkaloids in potatoes.
  • Two other unusual but very interesting applications concern the determination of stratum corneum lipids and the analysis of additives in plastic foils.
  • Another article highlights the importance of the TLC/HPTLC-MS technique for a modern analytical laboratory. As an example the determination of 1H-benzotriazole and tolyltriazole in an aquatic environment is presented.
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