29-Mar-2011 - Cheminova A/S

Devgen nv appoints Cheminova as distributor in Southern Europe

Devgen nv and Cheminova signed an agreement for distribution of Devgen's nematicide Devguard® in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, for use on vegetable crops cultivated in greenhouses.

Devgen and Cheminova will work together throughout 2011 with growers and stakeholders to prepare for the market launch as soon as necessary approvals are obtained. Last year, the EU commission added Devgen's nematicide to the Directive 91/414/EC, upon Devgen's request. This is an important milestone towards the review of the regulatory dossiers for Devguard® which Devgen submitted in Spain, Italy and Greece. Initial approvals may hence be expected from 2011 onwards.

"Devgen is pleased to provide the producers of vegetables in greenhouses in South Europe, via Cheminova's established and extensive distribution channel, with a new cost effective nematode management solution" says Devgen's CEO, Thierry Bogaert "Both companies furthermore share strong Corporate Social Responsibility visions and policies.

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