02-Dec-2011 - Air Liquide

Air Liquide: Further investment in Singapore

Air Liquide, through SOXAL, its Singapore wholly-owned subsidiary, will invest around €35 million (S$60 million) to expand its industrial gas infrastructure on Jurong Island and supply oxygen and nitrogen under a long term supply agreement to CCD (Singapore), a joint venture between Taiwan’s Chang Chun and Dairen Chemical.

The new Air Separation Unit (ASU) will be connected to Air Liquide’s pipeline network. It will increase the oxygen production capacity of the existing Air Liquide infrastructure by 20%. It will also produce argon for its industrial merchant activity. The plant will be designed, developed and built by Air Liquide Engineering & Construction teams and will be commissioned in 2013.

Over the last years, Air Liquide has invested around €280 million (around S$500 million) in Jurong Island, Singapore. The company was amongst the first companies to set foot on Jurong Island and today’s infrastructure includes the largest hydrogen production plant in Southeast Asia as well as 120 kilometres pipeline network.

Both Chang Chun and Dairen Chemical are market leaders in their respective fields. The project of CCD (Singapore) is the first major operation by the Taiwanese petrochemical companies in the city-island. Air Liquide will supply three new plants of CCD (Singapore) producing Allyl Alcohol (AAL), Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) and Cumene, which are used to produce a variety of products ranging from plastics, paints, adhesives to textiles.

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