Wacker Signs Partnership Agreement with Spanish Silicones Compounder Siliconas Silam

02-Feb-2012 - Spain

Wacker, the Munich-based chemicals group, is deepening its ties with Siliconas Silam S.A., a silicones compounder in Spain. The two companies recently signed an agreement to that effect. Under its terms, Siliconas Silam may sell ready-to-use products made from Wacker silicone rubber base under its own label and bearing the supplemental slogan “Based on ELASTOSIL®”. Customers include the automotive, construction, cable and household-goods industries.

Siliconas Silam has been compounding and marketing Wacker products in the region for more than a decade. “The Spanish market is important for us, since we closely cooperate with local cable manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive and household-goods sectors. Thanks to our long-term commitment and the support of our distribution partners, we have established a strong position there, especially in solid silicone rubber,” said Dr. Bernd Pachaly, head of the Engineering Silicones business unit at Wacker, during the signing of the agreement in Zumaia, Spain.

Silicone compounds are usually made by mixing crosslinker, pigments and other additives into the rubber base. Typical applications range from high temperature-resistant hoses for the automotive sector to cable insulation and to heat-resistant gaskets for oven doors. “It takes a great deal of skill and experience to make high-performance compounds. Our customers expect short lead times, high flexibility, professional service and consistently high product quality,” stressed Pachaly. “In Siliconas Silam, we have a partner who thoroughly understands the market and has the experience and equipment to produce high-quality silicone compounds.

”Juan Mañero, proprietor of Siliconas Silam, praised the agreement as a major milestone in cooperating with the Munich-based chemicals group. “Wacker and Siliconas Silam have been collaborating for years. The new agreement gives us the opportunity to pool our knowledge and strengths even more effectively than before to provide better service for customers.” Mañero considered it a special sign of trust that compounds produced by Siliconas Silam are allowed to carry the “Based on ELASTOSIL®” slogan. “The ELASTOSIL® brand enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. We are delighted to be able to use this name for the compounds we make from Wacker raw materials. For our customers, the high quality of these products is an important reason to buy them.”

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