About Wacker

WACKER is a globally operating chemical company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its portfolio focuses on silicone chemistry, polymer chemistry, fine chemicals and biotech products, polysilicon, wafers and hyperpure silicon monocrystals. In line with these core areas of expertise, WACKER has specialized business divisions: WACKER SILICONES, WACKER POLYMERS, WACKER FINE CHEMICALS and Siltronic.

Facts about Wacker
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of Wacker

Product portfolio

anti-foaming agents
antifoam compounds
building preservatives
chiral alcohols
construction adhesives
construction protection materials
coupling agents
crosslinking chemicals
dietary fibres
E. coli expression systems
ethyl silicates
fermentation media
functional polymers
hybrid polymers
moulding compounds
organic intermediates
polymer dispersions
polyvinyl acetate
polyvinyl alcohol
polyvinyl butyral
pyrogenic silicas
rock salts
silane adhesion promoters
silicone oils
silicone resins
silicone rubbers
textile auxiliaries
thermoplastic silicone elastomers
vinyl acetate
vinyl chloride

News about Wacker

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