17-Apr-2013 - BASF SE

BASF steps up its measures against patent infringements in the photoinitiator business

BASF has contacted distributors offering counterfeit Irgacure® 819 products for sale

BASF is taking firm steps to stop the distribution of counterfeit versions of its Irgacure® 819 photoinitiator product. After repeatedly issuing notifications, BASF has contacted distributors identified as offering counterfeit Irgacure 819 products for sale and legally insisted that they cease marketing and selling these products. One distributor has already committed to withdrawing this product from the market with immediate effect.

Irgacure 819 is a photoinitiator that triggers chemical reactions when exposed to UV light which help speed up the drying process for coatings and adhesives. It is currently protected by several patents covering the synthesis process. These are meant to prevent other companies from using this process to produce Irgacure 819 and certain product formulations including aqueous suspensions and mixtures that contain other photoinitiators.

Following an intensive chemical analysis of the counterfeit products, BASF can prove that they were manufactured using BASF's patented synthesis process. According to BASF, these counterfeit versions are all produced in China and sold globally via distributors.

"We expect that all distributors will respect our patent rights and that no court rulings will be necessary," said Ralf Spettmann, head of BASF's Pigments and Resins business in Europe. "The observance of patent rights is extremely important for us to protect our intellectual property and to foster innovation in research and development.”

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