BASF offers a new Range of Dyes for the Leather Industry


BASF has extended the "Brilliant Solutions" range of products for dyeing pigmented shoe upper leather and splits. The newly developed Lurazol® range of dyes consists of the following Lurazol-products: Yellow EY, Brown EL, Brown EM, Brown ER, Brown ED, Olive Brown EO, Red ES, Bordeaux EBD, Blue EBL, Green EG, Black EBG, Black EBR and Black EP. We would especially draw your attention to Lurazol Black EP, which has been specially developed to provide tanneries with a very economical means of dyeing leather black.

The new dyes in the Lurazol range have the following advantages:

The individual dyes in the range perform very well in combination with each other Very level shades can be obtained High penetration Above-average build-up in sandwich-dyeing processes High coverage of defects

The new Lurazol dyes are distinguished by their excellent cost effectiveness, and they are available throughout Europe with immediate effect.

We at BASF supply a wide range of high-quality products and offer a high level of technical expertise to the leather industry. Our Luganil® dyes for example have been used for many years to dye leather with great success.

The range of leather chemicals and dyes supplied by BASF consists of standard products and specialities for beamhouse, retanning, dyeing and finishing. BASF's integrated network strategy in the fields of research, development and production is one of its strengths in the leather sector. BASF occupies a leading international position in finding solutions to technical problems, which ensures that the company and its customers have a decisive competitive advantage.

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