Dow Corning Plasma Solutions launches new website


Dow Corning plasma Solutions launched it’s new website The site is designed to showcase Dow Corning’s new Plasma Solutions business and demonstrate the worldwide strength of Dow Corning in Plasma technologies. The website marks the latest phase in Dow Corning’s New Ventures Business Unit’s global expansion since its creation last year.

The Plasma site will serve the needs of most industrial and high technology markets, as well as suppliers, distributors and the academic community. Dow Corning Plasma Solutions’ Business Manager, Dan Futter, says: “the new site provides clear and timely information to everyone interested in our services.”

The site provides users with in-depth information about Dow Corning Plasma Solution’s processes and applications, including its revolutionary Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (APP) technology. The site explains the various development services on offer to customers, as well as Dow Corning Plasma Solution’s licensing business and equipment.

“A section on Service Options,” explains how we can help our customers accelerate commercial success of their products by providing application development services, local technical service and training.” said Dan Futter.

On a very practical level, the site:

* shows how customers can use Dow Corning Plasma Solutions for tailored surface modifications in roll to roll substrate markets like textiles, paper, coating and film deposition, as well as electronic materials; with significant cost reductions AND performance improvements;

* offers an insight into Dow Corning Plasma's surface-analysis capabilities;

* explains how Dow Corning Plasma Solutions can offer customers the opportunity to set up a pilot line in their own facilities to accelerate their product development and commercialization.

* answers some Frequently Asked Questions about all aspects of Dow Corning Plasma Solutions.

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