Agilent Technologies scientist wins Young Investigator Award

19-Feb-2016 - USA

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that the Chinese American Chromatography Association has honored Xiaoli Wang, Ph.D., with its Young Investigator Award.

Dr. Wang is an Agilent scientist who has been instrumental in extending the company’s Poroshell 120 technology into biopharmaceutical columns that enable faster, more accurate analysis of monoclonal antibodies and peptides. He also helped commercialize a new surface modification that enables rugged high pH separations using Poroshell 120, enabling users to save money with longer column lifetimes.

Applicants were judged on the originality and overall quality of their work, its significance to the advancement of separation science, and other supporting factors. To evaluate the impact of the work, the association considered publications, presentations, patents and the applicant’s leadership role in his or her research field or place of business.

Dr. Wang was nominated by Ron Majors, a renowned chromatography expert who recently retired from Agilent. “Xiaoli is part of the new generation of chromatography experts, and his many contributions in his young career have been quite remarkable,” Majors said.

“Agilent hires and nurtures leaders like Xiaoli as part of our commitment to drive innovative product development and superior solutions for our customers,” said Helen Stimson, Agilent senior vice president and general manager of the company’s Chemistries and Supplies Division. “Xiaoli’s work in research and development leverages insights that boost productivity, sharpen analytical accuracy and improve economics in the lab.”

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