New Managing Director Bronkhorst High-Tech

27-Feb-2017 - Netherlands

On 1 April 2017, Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. in Ruurlo will be subject to a change of management. Henk Tappel will be appointed Managing Director as of that date, and will be taking over day-to-day management from Ben Brussen.

Henk Tappel has more than 30 years of experience in the high-tech sector, and in the past held a position at Philips (later FEI Company) in the development, sales and marketing of professional systems. For the last 10 years, he has been Managing Director at Frencken Europe B.V. in Eindhoven, a supplier in the medical, analytical and semiconductor markets. Henk graduated from the University of Twente as a mechanical engineer specialising in precision mechanics.

Henk Tappel made the switch to Bronkhorst because he was intrigued by the combination of innovation and technology within the setting of a family business that sells its own products on a global market. Since 1 November 2016, he has been busy getting to know all facets of the company in order to hit the ground running when he takes over in April, and to ensure Bronkhorst's continuing success going forward. He himself had the following to say: 'Bronkhorst's success comes from the close relationships with clients and the speed with which they offer smart solutions. Bronkhorst products are shipped to many different markets and industries, each with its own demands, and that can sometimes slow down the process of innovation. My personal challenge is to help Bronkhorst grow on both fronts.'

Ben Brussen, who turns 65 this year, can look back on 10 very successful years. Under his leadership, turnover at Bronkhorst has more than doubled. The company has grown into a highly respected global player in the field of low-flow fluidics handling technology, with 425 employees in 10 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Ben Brussen will continue to serve the company in his new position as Strategic Business Development Manager. He will be fully focused on the future, and, amongst other things, will initiate the expansion of the current training centre into an official Bronkhorst Academy. 'Sustainable growth and continuity arise from the joint responsibility to stimulate and inspire one another to keep learning and keep innovating'. These are the words Brussen used to sum up the experience he will be taking with him into his new position.

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