Ciba Specialty Chemicals launches first wood additive to stabilize lignin

Ciba specialty chemicals has launched Ciba® LIGNOSTAB(TM) 1198, a completely new wood photo-stabilization additive that inhibits lignin photo-Oxidation. LIGNOSTAB 1198 provides outstanding protection of natural and tinted or stained wood and improves durability of wood substrates coated with clear and transparent pigmented finishes. "Degradation is mostly due to photo-oxidation of lignin, a light-sensitive component in all wood species," says Godwin Berner, Global Head of Ciba Specialty Chemicals' coatings business line. "LIGNOSTAB 1198 is a breakthrough in wood protection: it is the first wood stabilizer that stops degradation of the lignin itself. Its stabilization effects ensure that wood lasts longer and retains its appearance and color." Applications for LIGNOSTAB 1198 are clear wood fillers and sealers (apart from UV-curable systems), industrial and do-it-yourself wood stains and tinting solutions, exterior wood stains, i.e. transparent pigments, industrial wood preservative treatments, SAP stain protectants, wood preservers and waterproofers, penetrating clear and pigmented finishes such as deck coatings, and wood care products, waxes and polishes. End uses include indoor flooring and furniture, and exterior wood and timber such as doors, windows, paneling, cladding, decking, fencing, shingles and beams. LIGNOSTAB 1198 is easily applied in dilute aqueous or hydro-alcoholic solution. It can be used together with Ciba® TINUVIN® 1130 UV absorber for combined effects that enhance wood durability.

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