Air Products Introduces Mobile Hydrogen Fueling Unit


Air Products and chemicals, Inc. has enhanced its hydrogen fueling services for the transportation industry with a new hydrogen fueling system that can easily be relocated to meet a customer's changing needs. The Air Products Hydrogen Fueler, complete with fueling hook-ups and dispenser, is mounted to a trailer to allow for vehicle fueling at a customer site. The Hydrogen Fueler system also provides the flexibility to be easily transported to promotional events, or for remote endurance testing of hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Last week (December 2), Air Products delivered its first Hydrogen Fueler to Honda Motor Company for their Fuel Cell Vehicle Program with the City of Los Angeles, Calif. Air Products Hydrogen Fuelers are currently available on a lease basis to companies with hydrogen fueling needs, especially automobile companies. "Infrastructure is most often discussed when talking about a hydrogen economy. This system represents a bridge in the development of hydrogen fueling infrastructure," said Tama M. Copeman, Director-Fuel Cell Energy Solutions at Air Products. "The Hydrogen Fueler's ability to be used without installation or utility hook-up is an important feature. It allows the customer great latitude in hydrogen-fueled vehicle program planning. We believe this zero-emission hydrogen fueling system offers reliable, cost-effective, and automated fueling capability on demand for the customer."

The new Hydrogen Fueler features a safe, compact design, and quiet operation with no compressor. Components of the Air Products system are code compliant with the Department of Transportation, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Air Products can transport the unit to a customer site, and maintain the Fueler and related fuel dispensing equipment, which is self-contained. The system is remotely monitored and designed to ensure daily, around-the-clock, hydrogen fast-fill vehicle fueling availability. The remote system measures the unit's hydrogen fuel level, and Air Products will replace or exchange it for a full unit when the hydrogen storage quantity is reduced to a certain level. Prior to customer use of the Hydrogen Fueler, Air Products' personnel provide operational and fueler safety training for the customers.

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