07-Jan-2003 - Waters Corporation

Waters Atlantis(TM) dC18 Columns For Polar Compound Retention

Waters® new Atlantis dC18 columns are a difunctionally bonded, silica-based, line of reversed-phase HPLC columns that exhibit superior retention of polar compounds and thrive in 100% aqueous mobile phases.

The stationary phases of Atlantis dC18 columns are the optimal combination of C18 ligand density, silica pore diameter and endcapping. Atlantis dC18 columns do not exhibit excessive retention of hydrophobic compounds and avoid the extreme retention (and poor peak shape) for amine-containing bases observed with columns containing non-endcapped stationary phases. Atlantis dC18 columns also exhibit some of the highest mass loading and peak capacity of any reversed-phase column when separating peptides and tryptic digests.

Atlantis columns are sold worldwide by Waters direct sales force and available online.

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