CalciTech launches SCC Product Range

CalciTech announces the launch of its SCC range of synthetic mineral pigments. SCC is Synthetic calcium carbonate manufactured by the unique CalciTech process that involves the selective solution/order_t/'>dissolution of calcium from industrial waste and its subsequent precipitation from solution with waste CO2 into pure calcium carbonate. The first sectors to be addressed are the paper coating market and the paint market. The high calcium selectivity at the initial dissolution step guarantees the final purity of the product at a unique level. The solution environment assures the exceptional uniformity of the final precipitate with easy control of the desired particle size. CalciTech is immediately launching two SCC products. The first, Calci LS, is designed to maximise light-scattering/order_t/'>light scattering. Calci LS is targeted to partially replace and extend costly titanium dioxide "TiO2", aluminium TriHydrate "ATH" and Precipitated Silica "PS" and fully substitute calcined clay in fine paper applications and Super Calendered A+ "SCA+" on a cost effective basis. Examples of such applications are Bible paper, security paper, laminating paper, auto-adhesive labels, flexible packaging etc. Francois Roux, CalciTech's SCC Specialty Manager states, "Initial quantities remain very limited and are distributed to a selected number of launch customers. Large volume supply will become available following the commissioning of our first full commercial scale plant at Leuna, Germany, in 2004." The production facilities are projected for a capacity of 40,000 tons per annum in the first stage. The second SCC product, Calci SG, is designed to provide a super gloss coating for premium grade printing and writing papers including Light Weight Coated, "LWC" and coated folding boxboard. In the latter application, Calci SG allows for a reduction in calendaring nips to improve bulk at no loss in gloss. Adequate product volume will be supplied from CalciTech's Leuna plant when commissioned. A third SCC product currently being developed is expected to be launched in early Spring 2003 to serve the water based decorative paint market. While paint overall is growing at 2% pa, water based emulsion paint is growing at 9% driven by environmental considerations. These products are developed based on the superior characteristics of CalciTech SCC in paper coating as demonstrated by the test results of the Centre Technique du Papier at Grenoble which were announced last autumn.

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