Albemarle raises price of Phosphorus Flame Retardant


Albemarle Corporation will increase the price of its NcendX TM P-30 flame retardant, a bis phosphate ester, by 10 percent globally, effective June 15, 2003, or as contracts allow.

"Market prices for phosphate esters have declined significantly over the last few years, to a point that threatens the economic viability of continued supply," said Troy DeSoto, Albemarle global business manager-enclosures. "This price increase will help ensure that adequate quantities of NcendX P-30 flame retardant will be available to serve rapidly growing worldwide demand."

NcendX P-30 flame retardant is used in alloy resins such as PC/ABS and HIPS/PPO primarily for enclosures for televisions, computer monitors, and other electrical office equipment.

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