Ciba Specialty Chemicals extends flocculants range for more effective waste water treatment

Launch of Ciba(R) ZETAG(R) 8680 specifically designed for sludges requiring highly cationic charged polymers -- Unique Molecular Architecture (UMA(TM)) provides clear advantages in flocculant process efficiency

03-Jul-2003 - Switzerland

Through the launch of its new flocculant, Ciba(R) ZETAG(R) 8680, Ciba specialty chemicals is offering customers a new choice of flocculants in order to more effectively treat different sludge types in the treatments of waste water. Ciba(R) ZETAG(R) 8680 is a flocculant that is specifically designed for sludges requiring highly cationic charged polymers.

The new product benefits from Ciba's Unique Molecular Architecture (UMA(TM)), which replaces the traditional two-dimensional molecular structure of powder products by a three dimensional architecture. Ciba's Unique Molecular Architecture gives the products a higher efficiency in separating water from solids.

The ZETAG 8000 range is a new generation of advanced high performance synthetic flocculants for the treatment of waste water. The ZETAG range can be used in a wide range of waste water treatment processes and substrates. The clarity of treated water is improved. The new range also provides the customer with cost benefits as dosing levels can be reduced and drier cake solids results in reduced waste disposal costs.

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