Second "LFR-Thermoplastic material" study promises to provide new exciting data


MARKET DYNAMICS OF LONG FIBER REINFORCED THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS, a new study from BRG Townsend, Inc. (BRG), might benefit subscribers with updated market numbers, increased geographic scope, detailed manufacturing cost economics and new application information on long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRTs).

In 2001 BRG completed its first comprehensive study on long fiber reinforced composites titled PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES FOR LFRT COMPOSITES. This study provided clients with an extensive background on the technologies, suppliers, materials and applications for this exciting and fast growing market. In this study, BRG determined that 133 million pounds of LFRT material was consumed globally, 35% of which was in the form of in-line compounded material. Total LFRT consumption was forecast to grow by 30% per year through 2004, to 300 million pounds, with in-line accounting for close to 50%.

"Our first LFRT market study, released in 2001, was a huge success and we expect our second study to be equally successful," says Robert Constable, business manager. "This is such a fast growing and evolving market that in order to keep on top of things a new study is needed. Since our previous study we have already seen one supplier enter and exit the market and several others have changed ownership. New applications and technologies continue to be announced and the whole issue of in-line compounding versus pre-compounded pellets needs to have a better understanding."

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