18-Jul-2003 - Products of Technology Ltd

HYDRO-Gen - A New Generation

Hydrogen generator produces constant supply of ultra-pure hydrogen

The Hydrogen systems, HYDRO-Gen 300 (300 cc/minute) and HYDRO-Gen 600 (600 cc/minute), have been designed to provide a constant supply of ultra-pure hydrogen, as a carrier gas for gas chromatography (GC) and fuel gas for flame ionisation detector (FID) analysers. These units deliver hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of cylinder gas without the health and safety implications.

The HYDRO-Gen's caustic-free, maintenance-free Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyte system delivers ultra-high purity (99.999%) hydrogen gas at an adjustable rate at a maximum delivery pressure up to 200 psi (13.8 bar). A unique internal palladium membrane dryer provides this pure hydrogen gas without the need for any routine dryer maintenance.

The compact HYDRO-Gen occupies a fraction of the space required for Hydrogen Cylinders. The HYDRO-Gen 's small footprint is designed to fit easily on laboratory bench tops, offering a constant, easily accessible hydrogen supply. The systems' internal self-diagnostic features, high visibility lighted display, internal/external leak detection and remote alarm capabilities can increase lab safety and productivity.

"Of the 300,000 gas chromatographs installed in labs around the world, the majority of chromatograph users still use cylinders for their hydrogen supply," said Graham Sinclair, Managing Director, ptl. "With the HYDRO-Gen Laboratory Hydrogen Generator, ptl offer a superior alternative."

Founded in 1998, ptl began selling gas generators into the laboratory market after years of intensive research and development. Their product portfolio now contains eleven products, and with continuous research into improving and developing new products, it delivers industry-leading solutions for an array of gas generation needs.