Arch Chemicals Expanding and Consolidating Chinese Operations


Arch chemicals, Inc. is strengthening its presence in China by consolidating existing Arch offices under Arch International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The new trading company, which is located in the Waigaoqiao free trade zone of Shanghai, will provide support services to Arch businesses in China on activities ranging from sales, purchasing and logistics to Product Stewardship.

The newly established Arch International Trading (Shanghai) Company office will also oversee Arch Chemicals' existing office in Suzhou as well as other offices. The two dozen Arch employees at the various offices will help market Arch products in China and coordinate Arch's supply chain activities in China for both local and overseas markets.

In addition to its offices in the People's Republic of China, Arch Chemicals, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, also has offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Singapore. These offices play a vital role in the Company's growing presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The Company's FUJIFILM Arch joint venture in Japan, for example, supplies photoresists, color mosaic products for flat panel displays and other microelectronic materials to electronic and semiconductor manufacturers in the region.

Arch International Trading (Shanghai) Company will provide support services to key Arch businesses, including Arch Microelectronic Materials, a leading global supplier of semiconductor chemicals and materials; Arch's personal care antidandruff agent and industrial biocides business; Arch's HTH Water Products business, which manufactures water-treatment products and feeders for swimming pools, municipal drinking water systems and commercial and industrial facilities; Arch Personal Care Products, which supplies cosmetic ingredients for skin and hair care products; Arch Wood Coatings, which offers lacquers, stains, topcoats and other finishes for use in fine home and office furniture; and Arch's performance polyols and hydrazine businesses.

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